Moderate Toenail Fungus

Treatment for many moderate cases of toenail fungus typically includes a painless, quick, and easy laser protocol which works in 3 out of 5 cases in this classification group. When laser alone fails to resolve the condition, we may recommend our proprietary NovoNail Restoration procedure. This surgical procedure works in 9 out of 10 cases.

With moderate fungal infections, the nails are typically thicker than a normal nail. If the nail is too thick, lasers and topicals are not very effective at treating the root of the fungal infection, which lives and breeds deep under the nail. In some cases, your NovoNail provider may recommend that you use the NovoNail Softening Cream prior to receiving any laser treatments, in order to thin out your nail(s). Your provider may also thin out your nail(s) with a nail file prior to treatment.

If you think you may have a fungal infection in your nails, you should consult a NovoNail provider to schedule a consultation. Toenail fungus is highly contagious and can spread to other nails or other individuals fairly quickly. See the related resources below to learn about other ways to stop the spread of fungus, reduce risk of recurrence, and/or prevent infection altogether.


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NovoNail Antifungal Solution

NovoNail Antifungal Solution



This advanced, multi-purpose, tolnaftate-based solution was invented by NovoNail founder and practicing Podiatrist, Dr. Christopher Stewart in order to provide an antifungal topical that does not have any discoloring side-effects like many other topicals and provides additional moisture to the skin and nails. The soothing aloe and lavender ingredients are perfect to help moisturize and protect rough, inflamed, fungal areas. This proprietary solution can also be used to treat athlete’s foot, ringworm, and several other fungal skin infections. We recommend trying it out 1-2 times a day for 2-3 weeks (depending on severity) on the affected area. The topical rubs into the skin nicely with no greasy side-effects and has a very pleasant aroma.

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